Groups Questions 06/22/14

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ICEBREAKER: Who is your favorite professional sports team and why?

Read John 11:45-12:11

1.  Verse 45 says many people believed after seeing what Jesus did in raising Lazarus from the dead.  What did you experience Jesus doing in your life that brought you to faith in Jesus? Tell us your story?

2.  Verses 1-3 in chapter 12 talk about Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with perfume and Judas’ response.  How would you have responded if you were at that house fro dinner when this happened?  Giving can be very personal and challenging.  Do you think Mary struggled with giving this perfume to Jesus?  What has Jesus asked you to give up as a sacrifice to him?

3. Can you explain how Judas as a follower of Jesus, was also a their and a liar? How does this still happen today?  If you know someone who is appearing to be following Jesus, who needs to repent, will you make an effort to pray for them this week?

4.  How can we pray for each other this week?