Groups Questions 6/15/14

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ICEBREAKER: Share a story where you received something that was completely unexpected.

Read John 11:1-16

1. What is Jesus’ response when he first hears that Lazarus is sick?
2. What are some things that Jesus does that you don’t understand or have trouble understanding in the past? Why do you think he does this?

Read John 11:17-27
4. What is the first thing Martha says to Jesus when he finally arrives in Bethany?
5. What does Jesus say to comfort Martha and how does Martha understand what Jesus says?
6. When Jesus says, I am the resurrection and the life, he is taking a future hope (that someday righteous people will be raised to eternity) and applying it to himself. How does Jesus say people receive the resurrection.
7. What does it mean to live believing. In Jesus? How do we do this today?

Read John 11:32-36
8. What does Jesus do when he sees Mary weeping? What does Jesus weeping tell us about Jesus? How can Jesus’ experience of grief comfort us today?

Read John 11:38-44
9. What does Jesus do before raising Lazarus from the dead? What does Jesus’ need for prayer tell us about our need for prayer?

10. How can we pray for each other?