Groups Questions 03/16/14

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ICEBREAKER: Who do you know that has had a long-term, perplexing disease and been cured? How do you know them and what happened?

Read John 5:1-15

1.   In verse seven, the man does not answer Jesus’ question from verse 6. Why does this man not answer Jesus’ question and what does his response tell you about him?

2.   There we many people wanting to get in this pool and be healed. Why did Jesus only focus on this one man to be healed? Do you believe Jesus still heals people today? What has been your experience on the subject?

3.   Verse 10 says the Jewish leaders were more upset about the man carrying his mat on the Sabbath and hardly noticed he had been healed. What does this response from the Jewish leaders tell you about their spiritual priorities? Do we/you  ever get your spiritual priorities messed up? How so and what have you done about it?

4.   What do Jesus’ words in verse 14 tell you about Jesus, this man and his past? Do you believe: a) sickness is never the result of sin? b) sickness is sometimes the result of sin? c) sickness if always the result of sin? Tell us why you believe what you believe?

5.  Who is a sick person you can pray for, and possibly go pray with? How can the group support you?

PS. Don’t forget to tell your story in writing or video this week.