Groups Questions 03/09/14

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Icebreaker: Who is the most trustworthy person you know? Why do you trust them?

Read John 4:43-54

1. What drew this official to Jesus so he could get help? What drew you to Jesus?

2.   Jesus asks the man to “Go” and trust him. What has Jesus asked you to do that requires your trust?

3.   In verses 51-53, the results of trusting Jesus bring healing to the boy. What are your results of trusting Jesus? How has God come through for you?

4.   Verse 52 says that the man’s whole household believed because Jesus answered prayer for one man. How has Jesus’ answers to prayer for you affected others?

5.   Have you told your story yet? Ask the group to pray with you this week, that you will have an opportunity this week to tell your story.