Groups Questions 03/02/14

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ICEBREAKER: What causes you to either skip a meal or eat too much unknowingly?

Read John 4:27-42

1.  Why were the disciples surprised to find Jesus talking with this woman? What does “leaving her water jar” indicate about Jesus’ impact on her life? How did the woman’s story impact her town?

2.  Have you ever shared your story with others, of how Jesus impacted your life? Tell us about it. What prevents you from preparing to share your story with someone else? What joy did you receive from sharing your story?

3. Take a minute and go around your group and share your story, using these three questions as a guideline. Try to stay at one minute per question so everyone can share.

*What was your life like before you met Jesus?

*How did you meet Jesus?

*What is your life like now with Jesus?

How will you share your story with Creekside and the world? Written? Mobile phone recording? Facebook? YouTube?

4.  How can we pray for you this week?