Groups Questions 02/16/14

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Icebreaker:  Describe the most unique wedding you have ever attended.

Read John 3:22-36

1.  Describe John the Baptizers attitude regarding Jesus increasing popularity and his decreeing popularity. What opportunities have you had to rejoice in someone else’s success? Did you deal with feelings of jealousy? If so, how did you deal with them?

2.  Verse 31 speaks of the one who “comes from heaven” which is a reference to Jesus being divine. Do you    believe Jesus is God? When did you come to this belief and how has it changed your life?

3.  Verse 35 says the Father has placed everything in the Son’s hands. What situation are you trusting Jesus with right now, that the Father has placed in his hands? How is this testing your faith? How are you keeping your faith in Jesus strong?

4.  Who are three people you are praying you’ll be able to share your faith with?

5.  How can we pray for you this week?