Groups Questions 02/09/14

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ICEBREAKER: Where were you born? What do you know about the day you were born?
READ John 3:1-4
What does this text tell us about Nicodemus?
Nicodemus came to Jesus because he was curious about Him.  What do you remember about when you first became curious about Jesus? If you grew up following Jesus, when did you begin to investigate your faith personally?
How is Jesus’ use of the words “born again” similar and different from the way it is used today? How would you define what it means to a person who had never heard the phrase?
READ John 3:16-18
From these verses what stands out about God?  What stands out about what God wants to do?  What do these verses say about how someone is condemned? What about how people are saved?
Who in your life would you like our group to pray with you for?