Groups Questions 10/27/13

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ICEBREAKER: In Heaven, what is the first thing that you would like to ask God?

Read 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

1.  In verse 51 Paul tells us that the resurrection of the dead is a mystery. Why do you think Paul is ok talking about the mystery? When we have been talking about Heaven and the resurrection how do you feel when engaging with the mystery?

2.  Paul says that we will all be changed, what change in the resurrection are you most looking forward to?

3.  Paul is trying to encourage these early Christ followers to continue to follow Jesus in the midst of struggle, sin, persecution and mystery. What is your natural motivation to follow Jesus: The hope of resurrection? The fear of judgment? The knowledge that God will reward faithfulness?  Please explain.

4.  What does it mean for you to live in light of our future glorification? In what ways can we glorify God in this life?