Groups Questions 10/20/13

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ICEBREAKER: Who are the first two people you’d like to see in heaven and why?

Read John 14:1-3

1. Jesus was talking to the disciples who had “troubled hearts”. What is troubling your heart? How does the thought of Jesus preparing a place for you bring peace?

2. Jesus has promised to come back for us. What comes to your mind when you think about Jesus coming back? Does this fact bring you peace, give you pause or a little of both? Why?

Read Hebrews 9:15

3. Christ is called ‘the mediator of a new covenant”. What is a mediator, what is the “new covenant” and why is that significant to us?

4. Heaven is called our “eternal inheritance”. Why do you think the Hebrew writer used “inheritance” instead of gift, or prize or even home? What is the significance of it?

5. It is impossible to think about heaven, without also thinking about hell. Take a few minutes in your group and pray for lost people by name, asking the Spirit to use you to bring them to Christ.