Community Group Questions 10/13/13

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ICEBREAKER: What is the craziest idea you’ve heard regarding what people think happens when we die?

Read  II Cor. 5:6-9

1.   What are three promises, goals or focuses represented in this scripture?  Choose one and apply it to your life and share with the group.

2.   Paul tells us to “make it our goal to please him”.  What is one thing Jesus is asking you to do that will please him?

Read I Thess 4:13-18

3.   When was the first time you heard about Jesus coming back to earth?  How did this make you feel?

4.   This scripture is designed to bring comfort (18) to you. What have you read that brings comfort, or discomfort, to you, and be as specific as possible?

5.   How can we pray for you this week?