Groups Questions 10-06-13

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Icebreaker: What stories about heaven have you heard or read about?

1. If a small child asked you about death, how would you answer their question?

2. Read Genesis 2:15-17.
A. How did death come about?

B. Why do you think God thought it was necessary to make death part of the judgment of sin?

3. Read Romans 6:23. Compare the two words ‘wages’ and ‘gift’. What is the difference between these two?

4. Believers in Christ see death differently than those without Christ. Explain the two positions from your viewpoint.

5. Read John 10:10.
A. This verse explains why Jesus came. How does knowing Jesus as our friend and savior, take fear of death away?

B. How afraid of dying are you?

6. How can we pray for you?