04-07-13 Groups Questions

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Icebreaker:  As you think about summer, what are some of your big plans?

Read James 1:1-3

1.  These verses give us a perspective on problems, that God uses them to help us grow up. Tell us about a problem you faced, with Jesus, where you grew spiritually?

2.  The following five areas were taught on Sunday and you were asked to rate yourself on a scale of 1-4. Choose one area where you rated well and one where you were challenged to grow and share with the group.

How do you handle problems?  Do you get uptight, negative, grumble, gripe, complain or are you positive under pressure?

Are you sensitive to other people?  Are you concerned about their needs & hurts, or do you only see yourself?  Do you only pray for yourself or do you pray for others?

Can you manage your mouth?  Have you learned when not to speak?

Are you a troublemaker or are you a peacemaker? Do you stir things up, have a hair trigger temper, carry a grudge or nurse bitterness?  Or are you a peacemaker?

How long can you wait for an answer to prayer without giving up?

3.  How can we pray for you this week?