03-24-13 Groups Questions

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ICEBREAKER: Tell us about your first date.

Read I Cor. 7:1-5

1.  Notice that verse one deals with sex between a man and woman, not husband and wife, as in the rest of the text.  Why does God say it is good for a man and woman not to have sex, when our culture says its both natural and normal?  What do you believe about this?

2.  What do verses 2-4 say about who has authority over the bodies of a husband and wife?  How is this different than represented in our culture?

3.  Read verse 5 again.  How can a husband and wife deprive each other?  What does “mutual consent” in this verse mean and how does it play out in a practical way in a marriage? How does self control come into play in the sexual relations of husbands and wives?

4. How can we pray for you?