Groups Questions 02-17-2013

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ICEBREAKER: Tell us about your first heart throb?

Read Gen. 2:21-25

1.  What is so significant about God creating woman last?  Do you think both male and female express the image of God?  How so?  Are singles complete in the image of God?

2.  Verse 24 uses the word “united”, but the Hebrew meaning is closer to the word “cleave”.  How are married couples “cleaved” together?  According to verse 24 what has to happen before a man can cleave to his wife?  Why is this important?

3.  On page 92 in “The Meaning of Marriage” the author says, “My wife has lived with at least five different  men since we were married, and each of the five has been me.” How has your spouse changed since you were married?  How have you changed?

4.  How can we pray for you this week?