02/13/14 Pray the 10 update

Categories: Church,Prayer

Greetings to the Pray the 10 team,

In the book, The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson teaches us to draw circles of prayer around those issues that are related to the building of the Kingdom of God in your life.  As you have been praying the 10 this week, what big thing have you been circling in prayer?

Matthew 18:18 tells us;

Whatever you shall bind on earth,

Shall be bound in heaven.

In this verse the word “Bind” means “To place a contract on something.”  This is exactly what happens when you pray for something in the earthly realm, God puts a contract on it in the heavenly realm, if you are praying in accordance with the will of God.  As you pray this week lets put a contract on the ministries of Creekside Church.  Let the Holy Spirit lead you as you dream and pray big.  Praying big is standing on the promises of God.  And when we stand on His word, God stands by His word.  His word is His bond.

Psalm 84:11 says,

No good thing does He withhold

from those who walk uprightly.

Pray big and stand on His word.

Don Andrews

P.S. The Pray the 10 list is available on the Church app, be sure to download the app.